List of Common Nouns with Examples

Published on December 30, 2018
common noun examples
In the English language, there are eight Types of Nouns. The common noun is among one of these.


Common nouns represent a person, place, thing or idea which are not specific. These are one of the easiest nouns to identify. These are just the words we use to adress people, identify things or places, or express the ideas. 

It is very easy to identify common nouns. Just look around you and name the things you can see. Let me put them up in the following sentences to present the clear idea about Common Nouns.

  1. Girl is going to school.
  2. Boy met his teacher.
  3. She crossed the road.
  4. The building is huge.
  5. Toys are on sale.
  6. Designers met my old friend.
  7. Organizers invited us to dinner.
  8.  Grandparents missed their favourite programme.
  9.  Mascots were selling tickets for a concert.
  10. Students demand justice.
  11. Parents organised a party.
  12. Patients am taking medicine for depression.
  13. The chairs and tables look pretty.
  14. Salon needs new beauticians and hairstylists.
  15. This quilt is dirty.
  16. My manager hired two interns.
  17. Love and affection are necessary for kids.
  18. Anger and frustration are the reasons for your headache.
  19. We opened a school.
  20. People offered help to victims.
  21. They sailed on a boat.
  22. Captain managed the ship efficiently.
  23. Chef is working in kitchen.
  24. Father held his babies.
  25. dog chased mice.
  26. Parks are good source of amusement.
  27. City is celebrating independence. 
  28. Tigers are on the verge of extinction
  29. Receptionist insisted players to submit their keys.
  30. A truck and a bus collided last night.
  31. Company is looking for experienced musicians
  32. Students must opt their program wisely.
  33. Water is essential for humans.
  34. The service was awful.
  35. Participants lost their rings.
  36. Wash your face with milk.
  37. Clean air and pure water must be available for mountaineers.
  38. Every morning warden reads a newspaper.
  39. College stocked up latest books in library.
  40. Every teacher teaches a different subject.

If you are still confused about common nouns, then just think about a word and try to find "does it have anything special?"
For example, "air" which is common all around the world.
Look at the furniture around you and name five items: Chair, table, bed, sofa, shelf. Do these things any special name? No!!! then these are common nouns.

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