What is a pronoun?

Definition of Pronoun

Pronouns are the words and phrases that replace nouns in a sentence. The basic purpose of using pronouns is to avoid repetition of nouns in paragraphs. Pronouns are the substitute of nouns and they perform the same purpose as the nouns. Pronouns like who, whom can also be used to connect sentences.

Pronouns can be used as
  • The subject in a sentence- He is playing football.
  • The object in a sentence- Joy wants her.

Pronouns to Avoid Repetition.

Ram is studying now Ram will play cricket later.
Ram is studying now. He will play cricket later.

Globalisation is changing the world. Globalisation will have a positive impact on people.
Globalisation is changing the world. It will have a positive impact on people.

Hanna went to school. Hanna went with her dad.
Hanna went to school. She went with her dad.

Aria and Ashley bought tickets. Aria and Ashley also invited Jason.
Aria and Ashley bought tickets. They also invited Jason.

Pronouns to Connect Sentence

Sam met Noel. Noel is Sam's Childhood friend.
Sam met Noel who is his best friend. 

Caleb is the thief. Caleb stole an expensive necklace.
Caleb is the thief who stole an expensive necklace.

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