Common Misspelled English Words

Published on October 09, 2023

Correct Spelling Spelling advice Common misspelling
absence -ence not ense absense, absentse, abcense, absance
acceptable ends with -able acceptible
accidentally double L at the end 
accommodate, accommodation Two Cs, Two Ms acccomodate, accomodation
achieve i before e acheive
acknowledge starting with ac and ending with -dge acknowlege, aknowledge
across one c accross
acquaintance starting with ac and ending with -ance acquaintence, aquaintance
acquire starting with ac aquire, adquire
acquit starting with ac aquit
acreage remember the E after R acrage, acerage
address double D adress
adultery -ery not -ary adultary
advisable remember visa adviseable, advizable
affect starting with A (both words exist, but are distinct) effect 
aggressive, aggression  Two Gs agressive, agression 
allegiance remember double L and use a after i allegaince, allegience, alegiance
almost one L allmost
a lot must be two words,  remember one L alot, allot
amateur ends with -teur amatuer, amature
annually use double N and double L anually, annualy
apparent use double P not R and ends with -ent apparant, aparent, apparrent, aparrent
arctic Use C after R artic
apparently -ent not -ant apparantly
appearance ends with -ance appearence
argument no e after the u arguement 
assassination  Two double S's   assasination 
atheist i after e athiest, athist
awful one L and avoid e awfull, aweful
basically  ends with -ally  basicly 
because -cau- in the middle becuase, becasue
beautiful remember U in the middle beatiful
becoming avoid e becomeing
beginning  double n before the -ing  begining
believe  i before e beleive, belive
bellwether avoid e bellweather
benefit e in the middle benifit
buoy u before o bouy
buoyant u before o bouyant
bizarre one z, double -r bizzare
business begins with busi- buisness
Calendar -ar not-er calender
camouflage add u in the middle camoflage, camoflague
capitol ends with -tal (both words exist, but are distinct)
Caribbean one r, two bs Carribean
category -teg- in the middle catagory
caught ends with -ght cauhgt, caugt
Cemetery ends with -ery cemetary
changeableremember echangable
chief i before e cheif
Chauffeur ends with -eur chauffer
colleague -ea- in the middle collegue
column end with n colum
coming one mcomming
committed double m and double t commited, comitted
committeedouble m, double t, double ecommitee
comparisoni before scomparsion
completely ends with -ely completly
concedeends with -edeconceed
congratulatet before ucongradulate
conscientiousends with -tiousconsciencious
conscious-sc- in the middleconcious, consious
consensus-sen- not -cen-concensus
controversy-tro- not -tra-contraversy
coollyends with -llycooly
curiosity-os- in the middlecuriousity
daiquiristarts with daiqdacquiri, daquiri
deceivee before i decieve
desperate-pera- not -paradesparate
differenceremember ediffrence
dilemma-mm- not -mn-dilemna
disappear one s, two ps dissapear
disappoint one s, two ps dissapoint
disastrousforget edisasterous
drunkenness Two Ns drunkeness
dumbbell Two Bs dumbell
ecstasy ends with -sy ecstacy
embarrass two Rs, two S's embarass
environment n before the m enviroment
equipment avoid t equiptment 
exceed d before e excede
existence ends with -ence existance
Fahrenheit begins with Fahr- Farenheit
Familiar ends with -iar familar
Finally two Ls finaly
Fluorescent begins with fluor- florescent
Foreign e before i foriegn
Foreseeable begins with fore- forseeable
Forty begins with for- fourty
forward begins with for- foward
Friend i before e freind
Further begins with fur- futher
Gist begins with g-jist
Glamorous -mor- in the middle glamourous
Government n before the m goverment
Guard begins with gua-gaurd
happened ends with -ened happend
harass, harassment one R, two S'sharrass, harrassment
honorary -nor- in the middle honourary
humorous -mor- in the middlehumourous
idiosyncrasy ends with -asy idiosyncracy
immediately ends with -ely immediatly
incidentally ends with -ally incidently
independent ends with -ent independant
interrupt two Rs interupt
irresistible ends with -ible irresistable
knowledge remember the d knowlege
liaise, liaison remember the second i: liais- liase, liason
lollipopi in the middle lollypop
millennium, millennia double I, double n millenium, millenia
Neanderthal ends with -thal Neandertal
necessary one C, two S's neccessary
noticeable remember the middle e noticable
occasion two Cs, one S ocassion, occassion
occurred, occurring two Cs, two Rs occured, occuring
occurrence two Cs, two Rs, -ence not-ance occurance, occurence
pavilion one I pavillion
Persistent ends with –ent Persistant
pharaoh ends with –aoh Pharoah
piece i before e Peice
politician ends with –cian Politican
Portuguese ends with -guese Portugese
possession two S's in the middle and two at the end Posession
preferred, preferring two Rs prefered, prefering
propaganda begins with propa- propoganda
publicly ends with -cly publically
really two Is realy
receive e before i recieve
referred, referring two Rs refered, refering
religious ends with –gious religous
remember -mem- in the middle rember, remeber
resistance ends with –ance resistence
sense ends with –se sence
separate -par- in the middle seperate
siege i before e seige
successful two Cs, two S's succesful
supersede ends with –sede supercede
surprise begins with sur- suprise
tattoo two Ts, two Os tatoo
tendency ends with –ency tendancy
therefore ends with –fore therefor
threshold one h in the middle threshhold
tomorrow one m, two Rs tommorow, tommorrow
tongue begins with ton-, ends with –gue tounge
truly no e truely
unforeseen remember the e after the r unforseen
unfortunately ends with –ely unfortunatly
until one L at the end untill
weird e before i wierd
wherever one e in the middle whereever
which begins with wh- wich 

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