Compound Nouns List with Examples

Published on January 02, 2019
 Compound Nouns List with Examples
Compound nouns are a combination of two or more words used as a noun. These can represent a place, a thing, an animal or idea

Compound Nouns List with Examples

Your bedroom must be cleaned.
The classroom was empty
Children caught fireflies in jars
The taste of toothpaste is good.
We sat by the swimming pool.
He rushed to the dry cleaner to get his coat.
I waited for you at the bus stop
She prepared egg rolls for the family
A coin was stuck in my washing machine.
They have been running their family business successfully.
My daughter- in- law cooks breakfast.
This web browser has become obsolete.
Tim had lost his address book
Suddenly, smoke started coming out of the air conditioner.
He thrashed my alarm clock.
I could not find a suitable babysitter for my daughter
Someone hacked my bank account
He purchased a backpack.
Salman khan is a superstar
Shahrukh Khan is a renowned film star
Who burnt my frying pan?
He is studying in high school.
You should cross zebra crossing carefully
The supermarket is very close to the university.
The doctor examined my X-ray.
I saw a very antique coffee table in the store.
I could not find his telephone number
There were some used tea bags in the kitchen.
Each student must carry a sleeping bag.
Each runner-up got a cash prize of one lakh rupees
The post office is closed today.
We must go to the police station immediately.
Polar bears are not extinct.
I need a personal computer
Sudhir is my pen-friend
The raiders fled when disturbed by a passer-by
He tampered with the parking meter.
Our company provides best holiday packages.
Bali is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Asia.
He lives in a one-parent family.
They live in a joint family
The teacher distributed the handouts.
My father never misses the prime time news bulletin.
He had a nervous breakdown.
I want to buy some music instruments
Human beings are tarnishing the nature.
He works in a health centre.
He went for his regular health checkup.
The healthcare system of India is appalling.
Cinderella is a fairytale character.
The estate agent advised him to rent a condo
My driving licence has expired
Everyone gathered in the dining room/hall.
He received his credit/debit card.
I need a new pair of contact lenses.
I stored everything in a compact disc.
He could not find a bottle opener
Someone rang the burglar alarm.
We are looking for a blood donor.
Clean the bookshelf.
Bring me an ashtray.
Pay for the egg tray.
Where is your mobile charger?
I bought new headphones.

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