IELTS Speaking Questions About Sharing Things

Do you share your things with other people?
Yes, I absolutely do. My mother always advised me to share things with other people as it is a sign of humility, compassion and co-operation.

Do you like to share your things?
Yes, most of the times. I never decline a request to share my stuff; however, there are a few things like my towel, my shoes and clothes that I don't share with anybody.

What kind of things you like to share with others?
I love sharing food with others. Other than that, I can share my books, car, pen drives, mobile chargers, electronic gadgets and an umbrella.

What kind of things you don't like to share with share?
As I mentioned earlier, I definitely cannot share my tower, clothes and shoes. I have a favourite toy that I have never shared with anyone.

Do/Did your parents encourage you to share things?
Yes, they always do. They tell me not to be mean and selfish. My father taught me If a person comes for help, consider yourself lucky and be helpful.

What are the benefits of sharing things?
Sharing is a way of life and a habit built upon trust. When we share our things, a feeling of credibility and co-operation is aroused that strengthens the relationships

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