IELTS Vocabulary for Pets

Word Example
Furry-friend I have a Persian cat and she is my furry-friend. 
Adorable and Friendly My pet cat is adorable and friendly.
Mischievous. I have caught my cat doing mischievous stuff. 
Vaccination  The pet owners should be aware of timely vaccination of their pets. 
Cage  I hate the idea of keeping birds in cages. 
Aquarium  She bought a large aquarium for her pet fish.
Cuddle  My cat likes to be cuddled.
Attention-seeker All pets are attention-seekers.
Companionship  Pets can give companionship to people who are living alone 
Therapeutic   Having a pet has a therapeutic effect on the mind. 
Frisbee  My dog likes playing with a frisbee. 

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