IELTS SAMPLE ESSAY 1- Time on Sports

Published on December 08, 2020

The amount of time spent on sports and exercise should be increased in schools in order to tackle the problem of overweight among children. Do you think it is the best way to deal with the problems? What other solutions do you offer?

Question 1- Do you think it is the best way to deal with the problems?

Question 2- What other solutions do you offer?

No, it is not. Students have vast syllabus and limited time to cover that.

Parents should encourage children to follow a healthy lifestyle.

If time of sports in increased, the performance of students will be impeded in the examination

Children should be enrolled in weekend sports and physical training classes.

In this modern era where people often lead a sedentary lifestyle, children are becoming obese and prone to chronic health issues. It is believed that by increasing the time of physical training in schools, the problem of obesity among students can be cured. I, on the other hand, hold the opinion that by encouraging children to lead a healthy lifestyle, the problem of increasing weight can be controlled.

To commence with, in these days, schools have vast syllabus and subjects to cover in a limited period of time and to cover this voluminous curriculum, teachers and school staff work hard during a class of thirty to forty minutes. If the time period of physical exercise is increased in the schools, teachers and students would struggle to complete their academic syllabus and it might hamper their performance in the examinations. Moreover, after doing sports and exercises, children feel exhausted and lack of energy that impede their concentration on studies. For example, in most of the American schools children have a mandatory physical training period of sixty minutes after which most of the pupils have reported to feel worn out and if this time is extended to more than one hour then, they will certainly complain of being exploited beyond their physical stamina.

There are, undoubtedly, other ways to improve the health of children rather than forcing them to spend more time on sports in schools. First and foremost, parental control and guidance plays an essential role in keeping children healthy. Most of the children tend to spend their free time in front of television or on mobile phones. Also, the consumption of fast food has been escalating among children. If parents encourage their children to eat healthy and take a balanced diet then the problem of obesity can be cured. Moreover, parents can take their kids for morning walks and enroll them into weekend sports classes. By doing this, students can strike a balance between their study and health.

To conclude, it is not the responsibility of the schools alone to counter the problem of overweight among children, parents’ contribution is necessary to keep students fit and therefore, increasing the time of sports and physical exercise is not the solution but adapting a healthy way of living and eating will prove to be more advantageous. 

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