Collective Nouns: Animals, Things, People and Bird

Published on January 01, 2019
List of Collective Nouns (Animals, Things, People and more) 

Collective Noun

Collective nouns refers to the collection or a number of people or things

Collective Nouns Used for People

Collective Noun Examples
Crowd On Black Friday, there is always a crowd of people in front of the most popular stores
Concourse The great concourse of people seemed to have been similarly impressed.
Gathering  Over a hundred people came to the social gathering held at the mayor’s home.
Procession The procession passed along the street.
Queue  By 7 o'clock a long queue had formed outside the cinema.

Collective Nouns Used for Students

Collective Noun Examples
Group A group of student is working on the new assignment
Delegation A delegation of student went to NASA
Class The new class of students is mischievous.

Collective Nouns According to Professions

Profession Collective Noun Example
Dancers Troupe Tiring of the monotony of scholastic life, he joined a troupe of dancers
Judges Jury The jury failed to reach a verdict.
Musicians Band The band marched through the streets.
Soldiers Army/ Regiment The commander said that the army would comply with the ceasefire.
The regiment was ordered to the front.
Directors Board He was summoned before the board of directors.
Trustees Board The board of trustees of the firm has been reconstituted recently.
Singers Choir She sings in the church choir.
Labourers Union/ Association The labour union has called all the miners out to support the wage - claim.
Actors Company He became one of the partners who owned the Chamberlain's Men, a company of actors.
Sailors /Boatmen Crew The crew tried to seize control of the ship
Jurymen Panel The competition will be judged by a panel of experts.
Examiners Board Two examiners resigned from the board in protest.
Merchants Company The company of merchants agreed to the demands.
Advisers Council The Council of advisers has set out a timetable for returning to civilian rule.
Judges Bench A bench of four judges was constituted on GST Bill.
Tradesmen Union/ Guild I belong to a guild of wine butlers.

Collective Nouns for Things

Things Collective Noun Example
Books Catalogue The catalogue of books was placed on the table.
Boats Flotilla This flotilla of boats belongs to India’s Merchant Navy.
Cotton Bale We are a highly acclaimed company that offers an extensive range of Cotton Bale
Complaints Barrage The TV station has received a barrage of complaints about the amount of violence in the series.
Drawers Chest I bought a Victorian chest of drawers.
Eggs Clutch The clutch of eggs slipped from his hand.
Events Chains A chain of events was planned for Commonwealth Games
Flowers Bouquet/ Garland He brought me a bouquet of roses.
Grapes Bunch I got a bunch of grapes from the basket
Houses Blocks/ Colony The entire colony has houses built in the British era.
Islands Clusters There is a cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean
Jewels Hoard She has a hoard of jewels.
Loaves Batch She brought a large batch of loaves.
Language Family Hindi belongs to the family of Sanskrit language.
Rays Beam From the side, a beam of rays is only visible if part of the light is scattered by objects:
Ruin/Garbage Heap The heap of garbage is the source of breeding mosquitoes.
Rooms Suit This hotel has three suits of two bedrooms.
Things Assortment The top drawer contained the usual assortment of pens, pencils and paper-clips
Mountains Chains The chain of Aravali mountains ranges from Rajasthan to Gujarat.
Mud Lump He broke down the lump of mud.
Photos Album I keep the photographs in an album.
Public records Archives Most historians simply rely on archives.
Powers Alliance The companies have formed an alliance to market the product
Stamps Album I want to show you the album of my stamps
Stars Constellation I love to look at the constellation of stars.
Wine Cellar They found a dead man in the cellar of wine

Collective Nouns for Animals

Collective Nouns for Wild Animals
Animal Collective Noun
Apes Shrewdness
Badgers Colony
Baboons Troops
Bears Sloth
Cubs Litter
Deer Herd
Elephant Herd/Parade
Elk Herd
Foxes Earth/Lead/Skulk
Giraffe Troop
Gorillas Band
Leopards Leaps
Lions Troop
Monkeys Troop
Rhinoceros Crash
Wildcats Dout
Wolves Pack
Zebras Zeal
Collective Nouns for Domestics Animals
Asses Herd
Buffalo Herd
Camels String
Cattle Herd
Donkeys Train
Goats Herd
Hares Leash
Horses Team/Stud
Kittens Litter
Kangaroos Herd
Ponies Stud
Peacocks Muster
Pigs Litter
Puppies Litter
Rabbits Warren/ Nest/Colony
Sheep Flock
Squirrels Drey
Oxen Team/Yoke
Collective Nouns for Birds
Crows Murder/Clan
Birds Flock
Chickens Flock
Crows Murder/Clan
Curlew Herd
Ducks Safe (on land)
Paddling (on water)
Eagles Convocation
Falcons Cast
Herons Siege
Hawks Cast
Herons Siege
Larks Bevy/Exaltation
Owls Parliament
Ostrich Flock
Parrots Pandemonium
Peacocks Muster
Pigeons Kit
Ravens Unkindness
Swine Herd
Swallows Flight
Snipe Wisp
Teal Spring
Turkeys Raffle
Woodcock Flight
Woodpeckers Descent
Wildfowl Bunch
Woodpeckers Descent
Collective Nouns for Aquatic Animals
Crocodile Bask
Fish Shoal
Jellyfish brood
Whales School
Rhinoceros Crash
Toads Knot
Turtles Bale
Hippos Pod
Whales School
Collective Nouns for Reptiles and Insects
Ants Colony/Army
Bees Hive/Cluster
Caterpillars Army
Flies Swarm
Insects Flight
Rats Colony
Snakes Den/ Pit
Spiders Clutter
Termite Colony

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