List of 100 Common Abstract Nouns from Verbs

Abstract Nouns

These nouns represents the category of nouns which cannot be identified through five senses (smell, hear, see, taste and touch). These nouns denote an idea, state or quality.

Abstract Noun Verb//Adjective
Ability Able (ad.)
Adoration Adore (v)
Adventure Adventurous
Amazement Amaze/Amazing
Anger Angry
Annoyance Annoy/Annoyed
Apprehension Apprehensive
Awareness Aware
Beauty Beautiful
Belief Believe
Bravery Brave
Brilliance Brilliant
Behaviour Behave
Brutality Brutal
Childhood Child
Clarity Clear
Cleverness Clever
Comfort Comfortable
Communication Communicate/Communicable
Compassion Compassionate
Confidence Confident
Confusion Confuse/Confused
Contentment Contented
Courage Courageous
Curiosity Curious
service Serve
Death Die
Deceit Deceitful/Deceive
Dedication Dedicate/Dedicated
Delight Delightful/ Delighted
Determination Determine
Dexterity Dexter
Dictatorship Dictator
Difficult Difficulty
Disappointment Disappoint
Disturbance Disturb/Distrubed
Dream Dreamy
Education Educate/Educated
Ego Egoistic
Elegance Elegant
Encouragement Encourage
Employment Employee
Failure Fail
Fascination Fascinate
Faith Faithful
Fear Fearful
Fiction Fictionary
Fragility Fragile
Freedom Free
Friendship Friend
Generation Generate
Generosity Generous
Goodness Good
Growth Grow
Happiness Happy
Hate Hatred
Thought Think
Marriage Marry
Pleasure Please
Speech Speak
Knowledge Know
Hunger Hungry
Thirst Thirsty
Leadership Lead/Leader
Motivation Motivate

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