IELTS Cue Card- A Person You Would Like to Work With

Cue Card: A Person You Would Like to Study or Work With
A Person You Would Like to Study or Work With
  • Who this person is
  • What this person does
  • How you knew about it
  • and explain why you do want to study/work with this person.
Well, I have just finished my studies/have started my career and I am exploring employment opportunities that are available for me. Recently, I have developed a keen interest in protecting the environment. As we all know that pollution, global warming, exhausting natural resources are threats lurking on human existence, therefore, I want to do something to preserve our natural resources and contribute to protecting our planet. One day, I was reading the newspaper and found out about  Afroz Shaw, a lawyer from Mumbai. He started a single-handed initiative to clean Mumbai’s Versova Beach which had around 5 and a half feet of plastic. He started this clean-up drive alone but now he thousands of volunteers have joined this cause of cleaning up the beaches and preaching about the hazardous effects of plastic waste. I have gathered information about his foundation that educates people on methods of reducing plastic waste and other ways that can help in mitigating the harmful impact of the same. I am highly inspired by his unconventional and thoughtful endeavour and I would like to work with him. By working with him, I would gather imperative knowledge and ideas that I will be able to implement to protect rivers and water-bodies in my state.

 Words to Observe

  • Exploring 
  • Keen interest
  • Exhausting 
  • Threats 
  • Lurking
  • Preserve
  • Single-handed 
  • Initiative 
  • Volunteers 
  • Preaching 
  • Hazardous
  • Gathered 
  • Mitigating
  • Unconventional
  • Thoughtful 
  • Imperative
  •  Implement
  • Water bodies 

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