IELTS Speaking Questions About Work or Workplace

Published on April 24, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About Work or Workplace
1. Do you work or study?
I am an Editor/Teacher/Doctor by profession. I have been working at Comapny ABC from last three years.

2. What do you like most about your job?
The job provides me with ample opportunities to utilize my education and explore new horizons to implement my knowledge. I enjoy being a teacher/doctor/editor as I had always been my dream profession

3. How many hours do you work?
I usually work 7 hours a day. My office starts at 10am and closes at 6.Sometimes, to attend to some important meeting/discussion, I have to stay longer.

4. Do you like your workplace?
Yes, I definitely do. It has a well-designed infrastructure and comfortable seating arrangements. My colleagues are friendly and co-operative and I like working with them.

5. What do you want to change at your workplace?
There is no such thing that I want to change there. Given a chance, I would like to change the colour of walls which is grey. I would like the walls painted in bright colours.

6. Would you like to change your job?
Presently, I am not planning to switch my job. In future, if I get better career and growth opportunities then I would consider it.

7. How do you reach your workplace?
I usually go there by my scooter/bike/car. However, my office is in the centre of the city and therefore, it is easy to commute through public transport as well.

8. Is there any other transportation system else than this?
Yes there is. City bus service is brilliant in the city and people can easily reach at any place using buses or auto-rickshaws

9. How you can improve or do better at your work?
I keep on looking for new ideas and opportunities that can help the organisation's overall growth. I always give my 100% while working and do my work with utmost diligence and concentration.

10. Do you like your co-workers/colleagues?
Yes, they spend around 6-7 hours a day with them and I have developed a great bonding with them. We share food, ideas and celebrate festivals together.

11. What does your company do?
My organisation provides online study material and video classes for the students preparing for different competitive exam conducted by banks and other financial institutions in India. (This answer can vary according to your organisation)

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