IELTS Cue Card- Someone Who is Working on Protecting Environment

Published on April 07, 2019
 IELTS Cue Card 5: A Person Who is Working on Protecting Environment
Describe a person you know who is working on protecting the environment.
You should say:

  • Who is that person?
  • What does he do?
  • How does this person protect the environment and explain how you feel about this person?
Environment protection has become the need of the hour today. With increasing population and consumerism, people are neglecting the harmful  and hazardous consequences of the small acts like throwing garbage on streets, using plastic and fuel that generates harmful gases when burnt. There are many people who are working towards saving our planet and one of the person I recall now is Afrzo Shah. He is a lawyer from Mumbai and an environmentalist by heart. In 2015, he started a single-handed initiative to clean Mumbai’s Varsova Beach which had around 5 and half feet of plastic. Plastic, as we all know, is hard to degenerate and therefore, threatens the ocean life. Over three years ago, Versova beach in Mumbai was little more than a dumping ground for garbage and waste. After witnessing the devastating impact the refuse was having on the ocean, Afroz Shah decided to take matters into his own hands. What started off as a single man’s mission to clean up his favorite childhood beach turned into the world’s largest beach cleanup initiative. As of today, Shah and hundreds of volunteers have cleaned up over nine million kilograms of plastic and waste, with hopes to expand their initiative to other beaches in the future.. As a result of this, sea turtles returned to this coastal zone after 100 years and Shah had tears in his eyes when he saw them crawling over the beach. Shah said that we should not think if our little effort would matter or not. We must take it as our duty to do as much as we can to protect the environment and people will follow. I am highly inspired by Afroz as he has found the real purpose of living and I consider him my role-modal

Words to Observe

  • Need of the hout
  • Hazardous 
  • Consequences
  • Degenerate
  • Threatens
  • Witness
  • Devastating
  • Dumping Ground
  • Refuse
  • Take matters into own hands
  • Expand
  • Initiative
  • Crawling

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