IELTS Speaking Questions About Movies/Cinema

IELTS Speaking Questions About Movies/Cinema
Do you watch movies?
Yes, I definitely do. Movies are a great source of entertainment. I usually watch them on Netflix on weekends.

How often do you go to a cinema hall/theater to watch a movie?
I go to watch movies in theatres quite often. Once in a month, my friends or colleagues plan to watch the latest movie. Sometimes I go there with my family as well.

What kind of movies do you like and why?
I prefer action and thriller movies with engaging and intriguing content or story-lines. Nowadays animated movies have also become my favorite. However, if I am in a group then I can watch any movie that others are watching.

Do you go with your friends or family?
Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I go to movies with my family once in a while. On special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, we all go out together to watch movies and have fun.

What kind of movies does your family like?
Everybody has different taste in movies. My parent prefer comedy movies while my brother is into action movies. My elder sister likes to watch romantic movies.

Do you go to watch movies alone?
Yes, sometimes when I need some time alone or want to pamper or treat myself, I go to watch a movie alone. Some people find it weird to watch a movie all alone but I really enjoy it.

Do you have any favourite actor/actress?
Of course I do. Deepika Padukon is my favorite as she is versatile. She has played different kind of roles in the movies and her acting is artistic and very realistic.

What kind of movies are famous in your city/state/country?
Indian film industry is very vast. People's preference in movies depend upon the states they are living in and the language they speak. In Punjab, people admire comedy movies of Amrinder Gill or the other hand, in south regions of India, Rajnikant and his action movies are highly popular. It is hard to determine one category of movie which is famous in India. 

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