IELTS Speaking Questions About Colours

Published on April 28, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About Colours
Which is your favourite colour?
Well, colours make our life vivacious and bright. Without them, life would be dull and boring. I like all the colours but blue is my favourite of all.

Why do you like this colour?
I like it because it represents royalty, peace and calm. Whenever I look at the blue sky, it fills me with immense tranquility. It also helps me keep my mind composed and focused.

What kind of colour do you want in your room and why?
As I mentioned, blue helps me stay concentrated and focused, I prefer the light-blue colour in my room.

Do you like the colour of paint at your workplace?
Yes I do. The walls are painted in a very light lemon colour which make our office look spacious and cool.

What colour of car do you prefer?
I prefer a white car. White in India is considered auspicious and therefore people usually buy white cars.

Why do people like bright colours?
Brights colours have a direct impact on our mind. People think that bright colours bring positive energies and create a pleasant ambience.

What colour of dresses/shirts you like to wear?
It depends upon the occasion, mood and place. For the office I wear subtle colours like grey and brown while on festivals I always wear bright colours like pink, purple and golden.

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