IELTS Speaking Questions About Celebrity

Published on May 03, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About Celebrity
Do you have a favourite movie star/actor/actress?
Yes, the Indian film industry is full of talented actors and actress and Deepika Padukone is one of my favourite amongst all.

Why do you like him/her?
First of all, she is very beautiful and adorable. She is an immensely skilled actress who worked in various genres of movies. She plays every role as if she was made for that. She is also very versatile and glamorous.

Which movie of him/her do you like the most?
I like all the movies of hers but "Padmavat" is my all-time favourite. She played the role of a Queen and the way she imbibed the demeanour and persona of a queen was mesmerising.

Do other people like him/her?
I guess Yes. Whenever a movie featuring her is released, the cinema halls are always brimmed and most of her movies have done a business of above 100 crores all over India. That clearly shows that the audience admires her.

Does your family like him/her?
Of course yes, my parents are huge fans of her and they never skipped any of her movies. My sister follows considers her a fashion icon and follows her style.

Have you ever met him?
Sadly no, I have never been so lucky to get a chance to meet her.

Is he/she famous internationally?
Yes, she is. She has worked in an American movie XXX with Dwayne Johnson. She was also featured on covers of famous magazines like Forbes and Vogue.

Do you want to become a movie star/actor/actress?
Considering my abysmal acting skills, I had never dreamed of becoming an actor/actress.

Is acting a good profession?
Well, people who have gained success and fame consider it a good profession but there is a dark side of it. Many budding actors/actress have confessed that they were molested by the directors for petty roles in the movies. Many aspiring actors/actress struggle to find work in the industry without any support.

What are the qualities of a good actor/actress?
Being an actor requires to have an impressive vocal and screen presence. Also, a good memory to remember the dialogues with an ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience are two prominent characteristics of a good actor.  Having a good understanding of dramatic techniques and confidence, energy and dedication to perform make a successful actor. 

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