IELTS Speaking Questions about Patience

Published on May 04, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions about Patience
What do you think patience is?
According to me, patience is a human trait to accept or tolerate problems, difficult situations, delays and sorrows without being anxious, worried or sad.

Are you a patient person?
I guess I am a partially patient person. I sometimes lose control and yell when something goes wrong. I stay calm and relaxed in most of the situations but when I have some deadline to meet or to reach somewhere urgently I become anxious.

How important is it to be a patient person?
Yes, it definitely is. Being patient helps us overcome challenging situations with flexibility and in a better way. With patience, we can avoid making hasty decisions. Patience helps us to stay calm and live a stress-free and happy life.

How can a person become patient?
Patience is not a target to be achieved. It is a way of life which requires practice. There are several things a person can do to be patient like slow breathing, meditation, yoga, taking control of the emotions and reactions to difficult situations.

How does patience help a person?
As I mentioned earlier, patience helps a person to be relaxed and composed in adverse situations and therefore, it protects us from making wrong decisions. Also, keeping the mind calm results in less stress and healthy living.

Have you ever lost your patience?
Yes, there are moments when it becomes difficult for me to stay patient. A few days ago, I booked a cab from my office to my home at night. The cab driver was very rude and instead of dropping me at the mentioned location, he dropped me in the middle of a road to get another ride. I was very furious as I had to walk home after a tiring day. 

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