IELTS Speaking Questions About Emails

IELTS Speaking Questions About Emails
 Do you send and receive email regularly?
I am working as an in Online Education Company and as an educator, I receive countless emails in a day. I reply to each and every important email. I have subscribed to newsletters of some websites and I keep getting updates about new offers, sale and style tips from them in my mail-box.
As I am a student, I hardly use emails as a mode of communication. I prefer text to email.

Do you prefer emails or writing letters for personal messages/invitation?
Well, in India, people like to invite guests personally and they consider e-mails a less friendly mean of sending an invitation. Again I prefer personal messages to send and receive invitations.

Is email a common medium of informal communication in your country?
Email is rather a formal mode of communication for people in India. I haven't seen people using emails for a personal conversation. They either call or send a text message.

Do you instantly reply to the emails you receive?
Yes, I always reply instantly to all the important email. My job requires me to stay connected to the students/clients and provide them with a prompt answer to their queries.
As I already mentioned, I do not use emails regularly and I usually don't receive any important email to reply instantly.

Have emails replaced the letters entirely?
I wouldn't say entirely but to a great extent, emails and instant text messages have replaced letters. Now people don't have to wait for 2-4 days to send a letter, they can communicate conveniently on emails. However, some departments like legal, judicial, formal communications are carried through letters.

Do you think emails will replace the printed/handwritten letters in future?
I guess so. Emails are convenient, quick and hassle-free. Also, no paper is used for communication and emails are easy to store, manage and relocate for future references. Therefore, I think emails will supersede letters. 

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