IELTS Speaking Questions About Parks

Published on May 04, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About Parks
Do you like going to the parks?
Oh yes, I certainly do. Parks are a great place to get fresh air, practice yoga and exercise. Being surrounded by nature definitely has a positive impact on our mind and body.

When was the last time you went to a park?
I go to the park daily for jogging and I went there today morning.

As far as I can recall, I went to a public park last Sunday with my children/cousins. The sky was clear and the weather was pleasant.  We played badminton and other games there.

What do you prefer open parks or parks with leisure facilities?
I prefer open parks because parks with leisure facilities here are a bit expensive. Open parks do not charge any fee and they serve the purpose of recreational activities as much as leisure parks do.

How often do you go to a park?
I go to a park located near my home every day. I love jogging and exercising in a peaceful and clean environment.

Does your city have parks that are easily accessible?
The city is immensely huge. Some areas do have accessible parks but there are some under-developed or congested areas that don't have any parks.

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