IELTS Speaking Questions About Photos

Published on April 28, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About Photos
Do you like taking photos?
Yes, I do like to take photos as they help us keep a record of all the good times and moments. Also, I enjoy taking pictures of my family, friends and nature. It is a great hobby that can be turned into a profession.

What kind of photos do you like?
I like to capture candid moments of people laughing, dancing or expressing surprise. Along with this, I love to travel to hilly areas/parks and forests to click photos nature and animals.

Do you like taking pictures with a mobile camera or digital camera?
Well, as much I would love to take pictures from a digital camera, I don't have it so I take pictures from my mobile camera. My phone has 18 megapixels camera that captures vivid and great pictures.

How do you keep your photos?
As I told you, I click them on my mobile camera and they are automatically saved in the mobile storage. However, I do keep a backup of all the photos on my laptop.

Do you think pictures are important and why?
Yes, absolutely they are an integral part of our life. Photos are a medium to reconnect and rejoice the old memories. New generations learn about their forefathers from photos. Nowadays people have a baby shoot for their new-born babies to keep the precious moments alive forever.

How many pictures do you have at your home?
I have a wall with photos of our childhood, my parents' wedding and other small and big celebrations. That wall is my favourite as it makes me happy and nostalgic about old times.

Have you ever bought a picture?
Of course, I did buy a few pictures of babies when my sister/wife pregnant. Someone told me that expecting women should be surrounded by pictures of happy and healthy babies every day. Therefore, I went to a  nearby store and purchased posters of babies.

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