IELTS Speaking Questions About Arts

IELTS Speaking Questions About Arts
Do you like drawing/painting?
Yes, I do. I think drawing/painting is a really effective method for a person to express his emotions and ideas through colours.

How often do you draw/paint now?
When I was a child, I used to spend a lot of time with colours as I grew up and got busy in work/studies, I hardly get time to paint/draw.

Did you learn to draw pictures at school?
Yes, I did. At school, we had a period called "art class" where we were taught to paint and draw patterns. I also learnt clay-molding in that class.

Who taught you drawing pictures?
My first teacher was my mother and she taught me how to draw different patterns and images. She encouraged me to draw and paint. Later on, I learnt new techniques in the "art class".

Do you remember the first picture you drew?
No, absolutely no. I was a child when I first started drawing and I don't have any memory of those drawings.

Did your parents encourage you to draw?
Yes, my mother did encourage me. My father wasn't a big fan of paintings and drawings and he always wanted me to focus on study.

Do you think drawing pictures can be taken as a profession?
Of it can be. There are several famous artists like M.F Hussain who took arts as a profession and became immensely famous. The paintings of famous artists are auctioned and sold in million dollars. 
Have you ever attended any workshop for it?
No, I never had a chance to attend a painting workshop.

Do people in your country/city encourage their kids to draw more often?
A decade ago, people pushed their children to study hard and get a job after completing their studies. Nowadays, the mindset of parents has changed. They have started to understand that art is a way to escape from tensions and stress and thus they encourage their kids to paint and draw.

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