IELTS Speaking Questions About Sky

IELTS Speaking Questions About Sky

Do you ever look at the sky?
Honestly speaking, due to a busy work schedule I hardly get time to look at the sky. The only time I ever look at the sky is when there is a mesmerising sunset or a beautiful rainbow. Sometimes, I take a quick look at the sky to check the weather.


I live/work on the 10th floor of the building and there is a glass-wall through which I can clearly see the sky while working. It looks calm and very soothing. Whenever it rains or cloudy, the whole scenery becomes quite heavenly.

Do you prefer the sky at day or at night?
I prefer the sky at night as during the daytime it is hard to look directly at the sky due to sun rays. The  star-studded sky at night presents a magnificent look

Do you have any particular place in your house where you can see the sky?
I live in an apartment and through the window of my room, I can clearly have a glace at the sky.

My house is located in a very congested street and it only has one floor so I have to go to the roof if I want to see the sky.

Is star-gazing popular in your country?
I wouldn't say it is popular as people are usually busy and hardly get time to gaze the stars. However, there are people who enjoy it. I sit at the roof of my house with my wife/husband/sibling/friend and look at the stars. We talk for hours and I really enjoy it.

Did you use to see the sky when you were a kid?
Oh yes, I did. When I was a kid, we did not have any electronic gadgets and my parents never allowed us watching TV after 10pm. So my brother and I used to gaze at the sky for hours. We used to count the stars which was foolish.

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