IELTS Speaking Questions About School/College

Published on May 04, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About School
Where do you study / Where did you study?
I study/studied at ABCD College/University which is situated in XYZ city.

What’s your university/college like?
The university is one of the most prominent universities in India and students from all over the country study here. It provides various courses in different disciplines. Also, the infrastructure is modern and well-maintained. The whole teaching and non-teaching staff is professional, diligent and hardworking.

Do you like your school/college?
Yes, definitely I do love my school/college. I spend around six hours a day on campus. I have made many good friends. The learning environment is great and the teachers are very helpful in all manners.

Which is your favourite subject?
English literature is my favourite subject as it is very interesting and also provides a different perspective on life. Reading dramas, plays and poetry helps me understand human traits and emotions.

Have you ever struggled with any subject?
Yes, when I was in school, I found chemistry very difficult and it was troublesome to learn the scientific names. The smell of chemicals in the lab made me sick. 

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