IELTS Vocabulary for Patience

IELTS Vocabulary for Patience
Invaluable skillPatience is an invaluable skill that people should learn.
Frustration and disappointmentWith patience, we learn to deal with frustration and disappointment
Emotional PracticePatience is an emotional practice to wait, watch and know when to act.  
CompassionPatience is a form of compassion.
Hasty decisionsWith patience, we can learn to avoid hasty decisions.
Calm and composedA patient person is always calm and composed
EmpathyPatience helps us build empathy towards others.
Positive attitudePatience is a symbol of the positive attitude of a person.
Informed decisionsPatience allows us to make informed decisions
Human Trait Patience is a human trait to accept or tolerate problems without being anxious, worried or sad.
YellI sometimes lose control and yell when something goes wrong
Constant nurturing.Patience is an invaluable skill that needs constant nurturing
Avoid conflict A patient person can always avoid conflicts.

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