IELTS Vocabulary for School and College

Published on May 29, 2019

Renowned instituteGNIMT College is one of the renowned institutes of Punjab
UndergraduateI am an undergraduate student.
PursuingI am pursuing a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. 
Proficient Staff All the staff members of my school are proficient
Healthy learning environmentThe teachers focus on creating a healthy learning environment in the classrooms.
Affordable Tuition feesMany people choose government-aided colleges because of affordable tuition fees. 
Competitive and Co-operativeParticipating in sports teaches us to be competitive and co-operative at the same time.
Cultural diversityOur university is a symbol of cultural diversity as students from different parts of the country/world study here. 
Massive Playground There is a massive playground adjoining the school building.
Top-notch facilities The school building has top-notch facilities like art rooms, labs, library and security system. 
Interactive Screens panelsEvery classroom is equipped with an Interactive screen panel for digital learning. 
Graduation ceremonyMy parents will attend my graduation ceremony. 
Evaluation system Our school follows a comprehensive evaluation system. 
Campus placement The university pledges to provide campus placement.
Distance-learning programme I have recently enrolled in a distance-learning programme. 
Variety of Programmes The university offers a variety of full-time and distance-learning programmes. 
Accommodation facility  The hostel- rooms are furnished with the best accommodation facilities.

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