IELTS Vocabulary for Sky

Published on May 24, 2019
IELTS Vocabulary for Sky
Word Example
Twinkling stars My son gets excited to see twinkling stars.
Gaze at Sometimes, I just love to gaze at the sky for no reason.
Countless The sky was full of countless stars. 
Clean and Clear sky  In a polluted city like Delhi, It is hard to catch a sight of clean and clear sky is hard to catch. 
Astronomy  I've always had an interest in astronomy.
Constellation My friend and I spend hours to locate constellations at night. 
Mesmerising sunset  The only time I ever look at the sky is when there is a mesmerising sunset
Star-studded sky The  star-studded sky at night presents a magnificent look
Congested street   My house is located in a very congested street and it is hard to look at the sky from the window.

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