IELTS Vocabulary for Parks

Natural BeautyThe Rose Garden in Chandigarh has extraordinary natural beauty
EcosystemThis park is known for its striking ecosystem
Easy to commuteThe park is located in the centre of the city and it is very easy to commute there.
ParanomicThe panoramic flora and fauna of the park make it a must-visit place. 
Well-maintainedThe park is well-maintained. 
Serene and soothingThe serene surrounding of the park is very soothing 
Spectacular viewThe spectacular views of the fountains, waterfalls and caves are mind blowing
Recreational activitiesPeople like to visit this park for recreational activities
Meditative/Meditation The calm and peaceful surroundings of the park make me meditative
Morning Breeze I like to inhale the fresh morning breeze 
Interact with nature Visiting a park helps me interact with nature.
Develop a sense of community Parks help kids to develop a sense of community. 
therapeutic effects Walking and jogging in a lush green park have therapeutic effects on the human mind and body. 

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