IELTS Vocabulary for Sunglasses

Published on May 18, 2019

Word Example
Protective Shield Sunglasses work as a protective shield for our eyes
Damaging UV rays People wear Sunglasses to protect the eyes from damaging UV rays of the sun. 
Paired-tastefully, Style statement When paired tastefully, sunglasses can add a style-statement to our personality
Blend of style and comfort Whenever I purchase a pair of sunglasses, I make sure it is a blend of style and comfort. 
Affordability  Brands like Fastrack have increased the affordability of luxury sunglasses.
Polarised Sunglasses My sister gifted me a pair of polarised sunglasses on my birthday. 
Aviators  For a casual look, I prefer aviators.  
Variety of Sunglasses Sunglasses come in various sizes and shapes, some of them are round, oval, rimless, squared and semi-rim. 
Accurate size of lenses Whenever buying sunglasses, I emphasize on accurate size of lenses.
Optician I stopped by an optician to buy a pair of sunglasses. 

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