IELTS Vocabulary for Weather

Word Example
Humid climate The climate of India is hot and humid. 
Coastal region Maharashtra falls in the coastal region of India and therefore the weather is always moderate and pleasant there
Harsh Winters In some regions like Sri Nagar and Jammu, the winter season is harsh as the temperature steeps down to -10 degrees.
Hailstorms Last years, hailstorms damaged crops and vegetation in some hilly areas. 
Weather Forecast I always check the weather forecast before leaving for office.
Dense Fog The road was densely covered with fog
Heatstroke and dehydration.  During summers, children and older people are highly affected by heatstrokes and dehydration.
Scorching Heat People look for shade to protect themselves from scorching heat.
Bloom, Rejuvenate Springs is my favourite season as flowers start blooming and the earth rejuvenates itself. 

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