IELTS Vocabulary for Workplace

Published on May 16, 2019

Vocabulary for Workplace

Word Example
Esteemed organisation I work in “Ralph and Lauren” which is an esteemed organisation based in the USA.
Demanding job Being an analyst is a demanding job and I, sometimes, don’t get time to relax.
Repetitive/ Dull work Sometimes, I find the work repetitive and dull.
Flexible working hours The company provides flexible working hours.
Commute Most of the people here commute to work by train or bus.
Growth Opportunities  I would change my job if I get better growth opportunities
Utilize and Explore I like to work at “ABC Company” as I get a chance to utilize my knowledge and explore new ideas and opportunities.
Amiable Environment The staff focuses on maintaining an amiable work environment.
Well-designed infrastructure The office-building is well-designed and the infrastructure is impressive.

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