25 Useful Phrases for IELTS Writing Task 1

Published on June 13, 2019
In order to achieve high bands in IELTS Writing task 1, the candidate must present the ideas into beautifully fabricated sentences with wisely used vocabulary. The following list of words will certainly help you target 7+ bands in Academic IELTS writing task 1.

Introducing your article

The introduction plays a vital role in IELTS Writing. It helps you impress the examiner with your impressive vocabulary and sentence structure. Following are the introductory phrases to include in your writing

Examples to Introduce Task 1

  1. The diagram shows the comparison of students opting for Arts and Commerce in a school during 2001 to 2010.
  2. The given table represents the number of leisure hours enjoyed by children and adolescents in a  in 1999-2000.
  3. The supplied graphs outline the number of men and women working in different departments of a company. 
  4. The presented process diagram illustrates the functioning of a electric motor. 
  5. The provided presentation demonstrates the selection process of trainees in two different organisations.
  6. The given flow-chart sketches out the process of recycling waste paper.
  7. The presented map illustrates the massive changes a town has undergone in a decade.
  8. The supplied information delineates the changes in the prices of five consumer goods in a period of five years.
  9. The pie-charts outlines the amount of income and expenditures in 2016 for a children’s charity in India
  10. The illustration given above indicates the process of producing sugar.

Important Phrases

  1. As is presented in the diagram, that  donated items accounted for the majority of the income. 
  2. As shown in the illustration, the contribution by the community is the second largest revenue source
  3. As can be seen in the figure, there were only two other expenditure items, food and beverages.
  4. As the diagrams suggest, the percentage of students in voluntary-controlled schools fell from just to only 20%
  5. According to the the prescribed data, the primary schools experienced a marked increase.
  6. The table data clearly shows that, the forest and green spaces have been massively affected over the decade
  7. It is interesting to note that, among all the applicants, 60% of the seats were claimed by the female candidates.
  8. It is apparently seen that the children attending art class in the year 2011 shot up during summer vacation.
  9. It is conspicuous that only 20% of women completed their senior-secondary education
  10. It is explicitly observed that by 1995 all students completed higher- secondary education
  11. It is clear from the data that 50% of the pupil did not learn to manage their finances at the school level. 
  12. It is worth noticing that almost half of the population of the city has contributed to the funds.
  13. It is is lucid from image (a) that the parents did not participate in the extra-curricular activities with their children.
  14. It can be clearly observed that one-fourth of the colleges in the states did not introduce vocational training.
  15. It could be noticed that the enrollment of scouts in the year 1993 was tripled.

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