IELTS Cue Card- Describe One of Your Grandparent’s Jobs

Describe One of Your Grandparent’s Jobs 
Describe One of Your Grandparent’s Jobs
  • Whose job it was
  • What job it was
  • How he/she carried out the job

I am very close to my grandparents and love to spend time with them as they always have some interesting stories to narrate. My maternal grandfather once told me how he managed to start his diary agriculture business. I would like to share the same story with you.
My grandfather belong to a small village of Punjab and after India- Pakistan partition, he came to Ludhiana as a refugee. He was just 16 at that point of time but due to scarcity of jobs and appalling conditions of the country, he had to find a job to help his father. So, he started working as a farmer as a daily wager. He earned a monthly salary of 100 rupees which was considered sufficient for a family in those day. His mother encouraged him to save some part of his earnings and he did the same. He purchased a small piece of land with his savings and started working on that land. He used to plough , sow and harvest the crops all by himself. He did not have any machinery. He took care of irrigation and protected the crops from animals and birds. In the first year, his hard work paid off when he sold his product in the grain market and earned a high profit. Gradually, he expanded his agricultural activities and purchased thousands hectares of land to grow variety of crops. He also started dairy farming. With his diligence and persistent efforts, he became wealthy and trained my father to be an agriculturist. His story inspires me a lot and I learnt that lack of resources can never restrict a person who wants to succeed in life.

Words to Observe

  • Stories to narrate
  • Scarcity
  • Appalling conditions
  • Considered sufficient
  • Plough , sow and harvest 
  • Expanded
  • Diligence
  • Persistent efforts
  • Lack of
  • Restrict

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