IELTS Cue Card- A Good Experience of Online Shopping

Describe a Good Experience of Online Shopping
  • What did you buy?
  • From which site did you buy?
  • Why was your experience good?
Well, I think online shopping has become need of the hour as people are too busy to step out of their homes and offices to explore street markets. I, too, being occupied in my work hardly go to local markets and I prefer online shopping sites like Myntra, Amazon,and Flipkart. Here, I would like to narrate an incident when I, with much hesitation and apprehension, bought an LED TV from Amazon and it turned out to be the best deal I've ever got. Last year, during the Diwali festival, my mother decided to buy a new 32" Sony LED TV for the living room. At first, I thought it was redundant to buy such expensive item but she was persistent. Finally,I gave in and we both started rummaging the local markets to grab the best deals but of no avail. I came home and sat. Out of the blue, a notification popped up on my phone screen with a big advert of Flat50% off on all electronic devices. I instantly checked the feed to find the TV we were looking for and luckily it was there that too at half the price. I quickly added the item to the card and paid online. The package was delivered within three working days. When it arrived, I was bit suspicious about the condition of the TV because I thought they would have sent me a refurbished item at a lower price but all my doubts vanished when I opened the outer packaging. It was a brand new TV that came with free membership of Netflix and Premium Amazon account. I was elated with this experience of online shopping as I got the desired product in half the price and free premium accounts.


  • need of the hour
  • step out
  • explore
  • hesitation
  • apprehension
  • persistent
  • gave in
  • of no avail
  • redundant
  • rummaging
  • Out of the blue
  •  popped up
  • suspicious
  • refurbished
  • elated

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