IELTS Speaking Questions About Jeans

Published on September 24, 2019
1.Do you like to wear jeans?
Yes, I do. I prefer wearing jeans in day to day life. I have many pairs of jeans that I can team up with my tops/shirts for informal meetings or occasions.


Yes I love to wear jeans but as my workplace does not allow informal attire so I can only wear jeans during weekends or when I go out with my friends and family.

2. Is wearing jeans common in your country?
Yes, its quite common. Indians have gracefully adapted the fashion of wearing jeans on regular basis. People of all age groups like to wear jeans because they are comfortable and stretchable.

3. Do you like to buy branded jeans?
Yes, I definitely do as branded jeans have authentic fabric and last longer than the non-branded jeans. But there are times, when branded jeans do not fulfill our expectations and rip off easily.

4. Do you buy jeans from local markets?
Yes, sometimes, whenever I do not find a pair of jeans that matches my taste from a brand outlet, I start exploring local markets and I have bought a few pairs of jeans from the non-branded stores and shops.

5. Why do you think some companies not allowed wearing jeans at the workplace?
Jeans have always been an informal piece of clothing and it is used for informal events but workplace is a formal place which should maintain a decorum in all aspects. Formal attires make people look more presentable and professional. But some companies do allow jeans on Saturdays. 

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