IELTS Cue Card- A Website That Helps You Do Something

Published on March 11, 2020

Describe a Website That Helps You Do Something

  • Which site is this?
  • How did you know about it?
  • How does it help you?
Well, I am a mother of two small kids who love to hear bedtime stories as it stimulates their imagination and they get to learn new things every day. Now, my kids have developed a habit of listening to stories but in dim lights it was very hard for me to read the stories from books. One of my friends advised me to use a website called “Storyberries” as it has more than 1000 long and short stories and each story is adorned with illustrations for better understanding. These stories are based on different genres and convey significant messages on moral values. This site has helped me a lot as I don’t need to carry heavy books when I visit my parents or relatives. I just open this website and narrate stories to my kids and they enjoy it very much.


Well, these days search engines are flooded with numerous websites to cater to the needs of each and every person. These websites are associated with language learning, stories, shopping, buying and selling of old item sand much more. But being an enthusiastic learner, I always focus on learning something new every days. Presently, I am very much keen to expand my vocabulary in English language and for this purpose, I regularly use “Spell Bee” website developed by a Canadian Firm. The website has a user-friendly interface and it contains thousands of words, their meanings and illustrations for better understanding. I came to know about this website through a friend who has a great command over English Language and he recommended me to us it. I googled it and found it very impressive. The website sends weekly newsletters to its subscribers and each newsletter contains at least 10 words explained with the help of stories or images. The website has contributed a lot to my understanding of the language and I am developing lexical resources. I am now able to construct and write impressive emails and messages. I think I will keep on using this website for the rest of my life.

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