IELTS Cue Crad- A Tall Building You Like or Dislike

Published on April 08, 2020

Describe a Tall Building in Your City That You Like or Dislike

  • Which building is this?
  • Where is it located?
  • How does it look?
  • Why do you like/dislike it?
I live in Ludhiana which is a developing city. Many builders are investing money to construct residential buildings in the city and for this purpose they are acquiring land on the outskirts of the city area. The building I am going to talk about is a constructed on the edge of the city and there used to be farms of maze presenting a serene picture to the passersby. Whenever I travelled on that road, I used to gaze at them from the car window. A few days back when I passed by that area I noticed a tall tower reaching about 1000 feet in the sky. The fields were gone. I stopped the car and went near the building which looked like a luxurious hotel but it was a 14-storey residential tower with more than 100 apartments in it. There was a huge entrance gate and underground parking area. I was a bit perplexed. No doubt, the building was a masterpiece of modern architecture with solar power generated water heating facility, spacious flats and massive park surrounding the main building but I was missing those maze fields.  I do admire the development but not at the cost of natural beauty and I did not like that building as it snatched the scenic beauty of lush green-golden fields from the people.

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