IELTS Cue Card-A Situation When You Got Angry

Published on April 08, 2020
 IELTS Cue Card-A Situation When You Got Angry

Describe a Situation When You Got Little Angry 

  • where and when it happened
  • what exactly made you angry
  • how you handled this situation
Well, being a mother of two kids, I encounter numerous moments in a day when I get angry as my kids are naught and they love to spoil and break things, Here I am going to share an incident when I got angry. My son Divjot is mischievous and he loves to tease his elder brother. Once my elder son was working on his science project and he had an exhibition the next day so he was quite occupied with his work. Divjot, being an attention-seeker was dancing around him with his toys, pens and watergun. He wanted to play with his brother who was busy. After working hard for almost three hours Gurman built a solar system with the help of cardboard. He was bringing his project to show that to his father just then Divjoy appeared with his watergun and splashed water all over his project. We all stood in silence for a moment. I was angry at Divjot as he had destroyed the whole project but when he saw his brother crying he went close to him and apologized cutely. My anger melted and we all smiled at him. Then, we all helped Gurman preparing a new project and Divjot helped us.

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