IELTS Speaking Questions About Cooking

Published on April 28, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About Cooking
Do you like cooking?
Yes I do like cooking. I learnt it a long time ago and now I like to cook variety of meals for my family. I can cook every Indian cuisine and and some Chinese food as well.

No, I don't like cooking at all. I never had a chance to learn how to cook.

How did you learn cooking?
I leaned it from my mother who is a fantastic cook. She taught me the basics of cooking and then she instructed and helped me cook different things. With time, I improved my cooking skills.

Who cooks at your home? 
My mother cooks food for everyone daily. Whenever I am on leave from office, I give her a break and cook something of her choice.

How often do you cook?
Due to hectic working hours, I don't get time to cook. On Sundays,I make sure to cook something new for my family.

What kind of cuisines do you cook?
I can cook Indian, Chinese and Thai food. I have tried variety of recipes and keep learning new things.

Do people like the food you cook?
I guess they do, most of the time. Sometimes, I do mess things up while trying something new but my family is very supportive of me and they never complain if the food isn't good.

Do you appreciate the food your mother cooks for you?
Definitely, I read a quote somewhere "Always appreciate the food your mother cooks, some don't have food and some don't have mothers". That hit me hard and now I always respect and appreciate the food she cooks for me.

Do male members of your family cook?
No, they don't. In most Indian families, males were never given the responsibility of the kitchen and most of them never learnt to boil water. The scenario is changing and now and men have started to help their wives and mothers in the kitchen.

Where do people learn cooking in your city/country?
The first teacher is always the mother. Some people also go to cooking classes to become proficient in cooking.

 Do you prefer eating homemade meals or eating in a restaurant?
I prefer and enjoy homemade food as it is healthy and hygienic. During a trip or while travelling, I always pack homemade food and avoid the junk food.

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