IELTS Speaking Questions About Sunglasses

Published on April 28, 2019
IELTS Speaking Questions About Sunglasses
Do you like wearing sunglasses?
Yes, I do like wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. Also, wearing sunglasses add a touch of fashion in a person's demeanour.

When do you wear them?
Well, for me, sunglasses are necessary whenever I go out. Sunglasses work as a protective shield for our eyes against sun rays and dust. Therefore, whenever I step out of my house, I make sure to carry a pair of sunglasses.

Have you ever lost a pair of sunglasses?
Oh yeah, I did. Once I was travelling to Chandigarh on a bus. I removed my sunglasses and kept them in the case and I forgot that case on the bus. That was my one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses and I regretted losing them.

Do you have any favourite pair of sunglasses?
Yes, indeed, I have. I have a pair of Rayban aviators that my sister gifted me on my birthday a few years ago.

Why is it your favourite pair?
First of all, my sister gave it to me and secondly the size of the lenses is accurate to cover my eyes completely and it is a perfect size for me.

Have you ever received a pair of sunglasses as a gift?
Yes, as I mentioned earlier, my sister gifted me a pair of Rayban aviators.

Have you ever gifted someone a pair of sunglasses?
Yes many times, once I gifted a Fastrack rounded lenses sunglasses to my mother and she loved them. Other than that, I have gifted sunglasses to my sister/brother, boyfriend/husband

Why do people wear sunglasses?
The very first reason to wear sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the direct heat of the sun. Eyes are the most delicate organ on the face and they are more prone to allergy due to dust and pollen particles and therefore to prevent these particles from entering the eyes, people wear sunglasses.

Which kind of sunglasses do you like to wear?
I prefer aviators and rectangular shaped sunglasses with large lenses.

How many pair of sunglasses do you have?
I have three pairs of sunglasses because I don't like to keep huge stock. All these pairs are branded and long-lasting. I take good care of them and they always seem new. 

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