IELTS Vocabulary for Emails

Hassle-freeEmails are a hassle-free medium of communication
Convenient Emails are convenient and quick. 
Prompt Emails are widely used by people to send and receive a prompt response/message
Integral partEmails have become an integral part of the formal communication
Newsletter subscriptionI have subscribed to newsletters of different websites and blogs.
Organise and storeEmails are easy to organise and store as compared to letters.
Locate and categoriseEmails can be easily located and categorised.
Cost-effective and environment-friendlyPeople use emails as they are cost-effective and environment-friendly because of no use of paper. 
Global access With the help of the internet, emails are globally accessible.
Attachments We can send videos, photos and documents as attachments in emails. 
Built-in Abuse Detection Email service providers have built-in abuse detection policy.
Spams All the flag emails are directly delivered to the spam folder of emails. 
A popular source of marketing Emails are a popular source of marketing and advertising products and services. 

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