IELTS Vocabulary For Sleep

Published on May 29, 2019

Power-napI like to have a power-nap in the afternoon. 
Meditate and exerciseI like to meditate and exercise before sleeping. 
 Mental and physical healthSleep is necessary for our mental and physical health. 
Vital roleSleep plays a vital role in our well-being
Repair of damaged cellSleep helps in the repair of damaged cells in our body
Boost immunityHaving proper sleep boosts our immunity. 
Stress and anxiety Not having enough sleep causes stress and anxiety.
Sleep-deprivationLong working hours and sleep deprivation can lead to many health issues.
 Disrupts appetite Improper sleep-schedule can disrupt appetite and cause obesity. 
Concentration and Cognition A good sleep directly influences our cognition and concentration
Productivity and performance Lack of sleep can result is low productivity and poor performance
Depression and heart diseasesHealth issues, such as depression and heart stroke are strongly linked to poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders.
Emotions and Social Interactions Studies have proved the lack of sleep can reduce the ability of emotional and social interaction.

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