IELTS Cue Card- Talk About a Friend Who Recently Got Success

Published on July 04, 2019
Talk About a Friend Who Recently Got Success
  • Who is that person?
  • What does he do?
  • What is his recent success?

In my opinion, success is something we all aim at. Everybody wants to acquire fame and wealth but in my today I would like to talk about a friend who earned success in humanity. His name is Raman and he is my childhood friend. He belonged to a poor family and his father struggled to pay for his school and tuition fees. In order to meet both ends meet, his mother worked as a maid. He was very hardworking and studious. He did not have money to afford tuition so he used to study alone. He became an IPS officer but he quit his job to teach homeless and poor kids. He always says that education is the foundation of  a strong nation and every child has the right to education. During his employment in a remote village, he noticed that the children of the area had no access to public transport and therefore, they did not attend school. He opened a small public school in the village and started teaching those kids. He used to share his ideas on social media platforms and soon many philanthropist expressed their interest in opening an NGO to educate homeless children. The idea took formation and an NGO called UPAY was established. Many college students, retired people offered to teach and the NGO soon expanded in 10 different cities of Punjab. Now, Raman's organisation is working on different social issues like child labour, female foeticide and child marriage. Recently, his NGO was awarded with the National Medal of Honour and he was all over the news channels. For me, he is the most successful person in life who is not living to become popular but to create a better future for thousands of children.

Words to Observe

  • Acquire fame
  • Earned success
  • Meet both ends meet
  • Social media platforms
  • Philanthropist
  • Expanded

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